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Beautiful personalised designs by Daydreams and Ice creams

Recently I have been looking at lots of people blogs and thinking mine just doesn’t look as Pretty . I had a header that I had designed myself on Canva , in an attempt to make it look better . It settled my feelings of doubt about how my blog was looking for a while. Not before long the feeling came back and I started on the look out for some professional help.


I had been looking on places like Esty and Fiverr but really wasn’t taken aback by anything. Then I remembered I had been following this company on Instagram that do beautiful personalised artwork. Looking through their Facebook page I couldn’t see if she had done any work like this before but thought it wouldn’t harm to ask her.

Within a couple of hours Emma responded to my message and seemed really excited about it. Emma then went on to ask me what my preferences where with regards to colours and designs . Or if there was anything I wanted her to stay away from. I literally had no idea what I wanted I just knew I wanted the same cute little illustrations I had seen on some of her Artwork pieces. Emma Then asked me what my target audience was so she could gauge who my readers where and what my blog was about.

After agreeing on a price for my designs ( which by the way was really reasonable ) , Emma said that she would send designs over to me within a week to take a look at . She explained that if I was at all un happy with any elements to let her know and she would change it for me.

img_0322Within a few days Emma had sent over the design to me and I was speechless. This doesn’t happen very often at all. I was so shocked at how amazing it was. The fact that she had got Ava’s name in there and the tagline from my blog. It was better than anything I could have ever hoped for. Not only had she done it in this colour but she had done it in two other colours. She had also done all three colours in a smaller size so that I could use it for my social media profile pictures.

As I said above the thing that drew me to Daydreams and ice creams was her lovely pieces of artwork . From thank you pictures to nursery staff on the last day of nursery. To illustrated family photos.

Since having my first design done by Emma we have had a new addition to the family . I wanted my blog logo to include Alby . Emma as always was lovely and made the additions to my logo swiftly and I’m so happy with the outcome. It now includes both me and Jordan , baby Alby and a toddler version of Ava.

I’m completely in love with it what do you think ?

Why not take a look for yourself at Daydreams and Ice creams

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