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discrimination towards women in the workplace

You may have seen on the news over the past few days that discrimination towards both pregnant women and new moms is on the rise . Over the past decade it has been found that around 54,000 new mothers were forced to leave their jobs . With 1 in 10 of them being treated very poorly , dismissed or singled out for redundancy  .


To take this case to a tribunal it would cost them around £1200 . MP’s are saying this is too high and needs to be lowered !. Personally I think this shouldn’t be happening at all . It shouldn’t come to the point that you have to go to a tribunal .

Bring up a child can be a very stressful time without the added stress of is your job safe, or will you face discrimination .Just because someone has had a baby doesn’t mean they are unable to fulfil the role they used to do .

I also saw on the news . That 25% of pregnant women left their place of work due to health and safety concerns . This is just shocking in today society this shouldn’t be an issue .

Looking back now I can see I am very lucky with my employer . She did regular risk assessments and was only a call away if I needed anything. The stress of going back to work is not there for me . Like most employers should be ,my employer is enabling me to go back to work on terms that suit both myself and the company .


Want to read more about this you may find this interesting .

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