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Doctor’s make you feel so stupid !!

So for about two weeks now Ava has had a cold and a little cough. Last night she was crying a coughing lots ( this is unlike her she loves her sleep and I normally get a good 7 hours out of her, then all she wants is her dummy then back off to sleep she goes , Lucky I know !) . Nothing I was doing was easing it for her did the elevation of the  mattress to prop her up and still she was upset.

This morning I felt so sorry for her and thought right its about time I took her to the doctors. Having a history of Asthma in my family and me having it quite badly as a child this started to make me worry.

Thankfully the doctors were able to get us in to be seen. so I took her down the Doctor looked at her checked her ears and her chest . Then simply went she is fine !. I looked at him wanting a little more then that and he just went so nothing to worry about !!. Well we know are children best and she isn’t 100% I’m not saying I want some medicine as don’t really want her to have it so young, but the look on his face as if I was making it up made me so ANGRY!.

If anyone has any tips for me I would appreciate them with her only being 10 weeks the chemist wont give me anything for her other than a spray for her nose !!.


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