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So this happened ! 

If your are a regular reader you will know that we have a dog called Kay . She is a ball of energy and a complete nutter .

So the other night I was awoke by Kya barking , this is really unusual . I went down told her to be quite and went back up to bed . Before I go on I should explain that Kya is still in a crate . She has been since we first had her . Anyway as I was saying I went back to bed . Then of course Ava woke up just as I started to give her some milk Kya started barking again . I shouted Jordan to go see what the issue was . The next thing I heard was

You stink it’s every where !! , for god sake !!

Jordan came upstairs a few moment later and told me that the dog had pooed all in her crate and was on the surrounding carpet ! We switch places and I went down stairs to see the damage . It looked like something from a horror movie instead of blood it was poo !. An hour later it was all clean and all I wanted to do was have a shower and go back to bed .

The next day all I could smell was dog poo I couldn’t figure out if it was me or the room . So in a bid to get rid of the smell . I used that new fantangled vanish carpet power . You know the one you just shake ,brush it In and Hoover it up.

After what seemed forever I had done the whole downstairs and the carpet felt and smelt great . I said to Jordan if she does it again I may have a breakdown . The. Jordan suggested we get rid of her crate and put her in the kitchen . So if she does mess we can clean it up easy .

All was going well she hadn’t messed again and had only destroyed a few things  nothing to big . Then this happened !

Yes stupidly I had left the baby monitor on the side when I went out . I thought I had pushed it out of her way but obviously not . I was so angry with myself . Jordan says maybe she has destroyed it as she thinks it will stop Ava moaning at night 😂.

So big lesson learnt ! Don’t leave anything of value on the sides . No matter how far you push it back she will get it if she wants it .


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