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A post to expecting parents . Sorry but it’s not all fun and games

Why is it nobody really tells you about the ugly side to being a parent until it’s too late . I have found myself doing things that before I was a parent I wouldn’t  of never dreamed of doing . I’m not on about being sleep deprived or ;


  • Shannon

    Children are such a handful for sure, I completely agree. As a first time expecting mama this is very helpful and kind of a funny read. I wonder if my son is going to be like Ava when she has her moments! I’m hoping my son is forgiving with the bathroom pooing. I would forsure make that daddies duty to clean up!
    xx Shannon

    • admin

      I’m glad it has been of use to you . I
      Hope for you too that he doesn’t do the bathroom pooing she make a conscious effort I’m sure to do it when daddy’s isn’t home !! . Hope all goes well and good luck x

  • Amy @ Arty apple

    Haha love it. My little girl was a puker as a baby. After many feeds she would projectile vom, all over curtains, sofas, me, into the car speakers, the bed, carpet, everywhere. We’d just enjoyed a trip to a zoo and we stopped in the sunshine to let my son play and I fed my daughter. She threw up all over me and I didn’t have a top to change into. Oh man! So next day out I was all prepared with a spare top in my bag. We were basking in the sunshine of some lovely gardens and she decided it was the perfect time for an explosive poo which leaked out of her nappy and onto my light coloured jeans. I could have wept! And I totally do the snot hand wipe. So glamorous.

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