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House update three months in

This is a collaborative post

We have been in our house for nearly three months now and we have don’t what we have wanted to do in most of the rooms now . We were really lucky that the decor wasn’t actually too bad . We just needed to make it more our taste. We needed to make it more of a family home interiors more child friendly and fresh.

The first rooms we did was the kids . As anyone who has kids will know . Moving house is a big thing for them. The sooner you get things settled the better. So their rooms were our first on the jobs list.

Family home interiors

Alby’s room was really easy to transform as it was a blank canvas. We just painted one feature wall and hung these beautiful pictures from Rose End Creations. Alby’s room will have more of a transition when he gets bigger. Mainly because in Alby’s room he has the box to the stairs . So when he goes into a proper bed we are going to look to either get a bed made off the box. Or a wardrobe so we can give him some more space.

Ava’s room was the biggest job . Mainly because I had a vision and I wanted it to be perfect . Ava’s room very quickly became a nightmare. Not because of the design but because the walls were a nightmare. Paint would just roller back off it . We ended up scrapping all the paint off as it bubbled and went horrid . Then sanding it down to try again.

Thankfully it worked and I’m so happy with how it worked out.

Family home interiors

Downstairs there wasn’t a huge amount of work to do . The walls were mainly painted magnolia and not in that bag of condition. So to save some money and time we just decided to paint the chimney breasts. I think the colour of the chimney breasts is my favourite colour we have used . It just looks so fresh but homely and inviting.Family home interiors

We are now in the process of doing our own room . Were going for lilacs and grey keeping it again fresh looking and not too dark . We came from a very dark house so we are loving having a light and fresh looking colour scheme through the house.

We have some more projects we would like to do before the end of the year like paint the downstairs toilet and maybe the kitchen if I can convince Jordan.

I have found a new love for interior design mainly bringing the outdoors in with lots of plants everywhere. I’m currently on the hunt for a big seagrass basket to put a plant in in our front room.

I would also love to find a slim sideboard/ radiator cover for the hall way as I think it would make something more of the space . It’s the first thing people see when walking through the door . So I was it to look inviting like reception counters do in a fancy hotel. I’m just not sure if the radiator is too close to the front door to have a radiator cover . I think some googling radiator covers is needed.

I’m loving being creative with our house and step by step it’s getting to where I want it to be . Not that I’m wishing away the year but I cannot wait to get new Christmas bits to decorate the house with.

What family home interiors bloggers or instagram accounts do you follow . I would really love some inspiration.

Having a family home doesn’t mean it has to be all boring interiors . There is so much you can do and here are some easy family home interiors

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