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February favourites 2019- Things I have been loving this month.

Febuaury has just gone past in a blink of an eye. For us it’s been a busy month trying to get all things sorted for the sale of our house. Also we are buying a house so we are having to sort a lot of paper work and we seem to be working to certain dates to have things in by. So I feel like the month has just flown by working towards these dates.

Although this month has gone quickly there a few things I have been loving this month. They are a little random and maybe not necessarily things you would expect to see in this sort of post, But I thought I would share them with you anyway.

February favourites

Woodwick candles

My February favourites

Since having Alby we haven’t really used candles very much especially since he has been moving as he is into everything. Recently though I have started to get back into candles as I do really love having candles around the house. The main candles I have been loving this month are Woodwick candles. The ones we have just smell amazing and unlike most other brands I have used the smell lasts for such a long time even when the candle isn’t lit. The other thing I love about them is that the wick is wooden. So when you light them they crackle like a log fire would and it makes the room so cosy. Especially with some of the cold nights we have been having it’s been a really nice to light them.


Ebay is something I have really been loving this month

Now this isn’t something I guess you would normally put in a favoutite post but I have been loving Ebay this month. I hadn’t sold anything on Ebay until recenetly but I’m loving it. I’m using Ebay to declutter my house. I used to use Facebook to sell anything I didn’t want anymore but I was getting fed up of people messing me around so made the Jump to Ebay.

I have got rid of so much stuff we dont actually use in our house and have made some money from it. This money I have then been using to buy the kids some bits or to put aside to buy things for the new house. Its nice to have that extra bit of cash and declutter my house of things we dont need gives me great joy.

Television programes

I have been like most months watching a lot of different TV programmes this month. The main two I have been loving are The making of me and Famous and Fighting crime. Completing different programmes but both I have learnt so much from watching.

The making of me

The making of me is all about different people and their journeys of transitioning. It’s not something I know anything about or know anyone that has been through it. So I find it really interesting to watch all the things they have to go through to become the person they long to be. I think it’s fantastic that these programmes are on telly. As I’m sure they help so many people and their families that are going through the same journey.

Famous and fighting crime

I love watching anything that involves the police and the things they have to deal with. It just makes you realise what an amazing job they do . Also what they have to deal with day in day out. The way people treat them is just disgusting really. Famous and Fighting crime sees 5 famous faces join the ranks as volunteer officers.

It includes celebreties such a Katie Pier, Jamie Lang and Penny Lancaster. It just shows them in a light that you may have not seen them in before. They work alongside the UK’s busiest police forces and they see a wide range of things. From chasing after criminals to seeing the police helping the most vulnerable people. One which really stuck with me was an ex solider who was dealing with PTSD. They had been called as he was threatening to take his life. Katie Piper was able to use her own experiences to talk to this man in such a lovely way.

It’s just nice to see celeberaties doing some thing positive and to raise awareness of what the police do for lets face it not the best money.

SEAMS handcream

SEAMS hand cream my February favourites

I dont know about you but my hands have been so sore with this ever changing weather we are having. Earlier this month I received some SEAMS hand cream for my valentines gift guide. I am loving it ! my hands are super soft and they are not as sore and red as they used to be.

So that’s my odd bag of things I have been loving this month. Is there anything that you having been loving this month ? I would love to know what they are. Let me know in the comments below.

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