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Final few weeks of pregnancy: these include a membrane sweep and maybe an induction

.Ahh today I have been for my first membrane sweep, sadly it was unsuccessful as my cervix is still too high . Thankfully this time around they are starting to do things a lot earlier and I have an appointment next week to try again .In the hope I wont go over due. With Ava no one touched me until my due date.Then as I wasn’t really dilated so they couldn’t do anything. Then left me to literally the last moment.  To then they left me on an induction ward for a whole day twiddling my thumbs.

I know people are probably reading this and thinking .He will come when he will come so don’t stress about it. But it’s so hard not to stress about it. I think if my first labour wasn’t so dragged out and resulted in a c section I wouldn’t be so bad . The truth is I’m terrified of going over and it ending in a c section again.

last few weeks of preganncy will an induction happen ?

I have been dabbling with the not so crazy ways to induce labour. I know I know what your all thinking you silly woman ! don’t worry though I haven’t been doing some of the crazy methods you read on the internet. I do suggest that if your over due never google ways to induce labour. As in a moment of madness you may try one of those crazy ways. I know last time I did think about it but thankfully decided against them.

I have however been making sure I’m active as this is meant to be a good way to help bring on labour, started bouncing on the good old birthing ball. Also I have been drinking Raspberry leaf tea this week. They reckon that raspberry leaf tea is meant to ripen your cervix. If I’m honest I actually like the taste of it as well and it has stopped me from drinking so much coke and tea. So that’s a good thing right !

If this sweep doesn’t work then im going to the hospital next Tuesday for another one. I will ask the question then. When will they induce me just so I am prepared. This time around though I’m not allowed a medical induced induction. As I had a Caesarean last time . But I can have a foley bulb induction . This is basically when they insert a deflated balloon into your cervix. Once its in your womb they inflate this balloon. Which then puts pressure on your cervix and encourages it to dilate. I was never offered this with Ava .but I actually like the idea of it more than using a drug or a gel to induce labour.

I do hope that it doesn’t come round to induction but I would rather have a successful induction than have another c section . I will keep you updated with any progression, My due date is December 5th so we will see when he makes his appearance.

the last few weeks of pregancy can be hard its an emotional roller coster. This is what i had to deal with

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