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Finding your friends 

This may seem a little bit of a cheesy post , but I have recently sat and thought about who my true  friends are. 

When your at school all you want is to have lots of friends to be the popular one in your circle of friends . To be accepted , this can be such a hard time in your life . For me it really was I didn’t find it easy . My parents being strict compared to my friends parents meant I missed out on party’s or gatherings . I do now understand that they were just protecting me from things that may happen and some things that did happen.

When I became pregnant I had so many people come back into my life . These people i hadn’t seen or spoken to for years . Me being me just thought they actually cared and wanted to get to know me as I am now . 7 months down the line after having Ava I haven’t seen or spoken to most of them again . They weren’t there to be my friend they just wanted to know the gossip in my life. 

Since having Ava I have made one particular friend that I can honestly say will be around forever .  Also my true friends have shone through they have been at the end of the phone when ever I needed them. These people I know if I don’t see them for months  we will talk as if I had seen them yesterday. 

( this isn’t everyone and not the best photos sorry all 😊)
One thing I will say is watch out for those people who come into your life at a certain time be it a pregnancy or a wedding . As are they really a good friend to have? . Also the biggest thing I have learnt is a handful of true friends is better than a mass of so called friends. 

What are your experiences with this ? Have people unexpected come out of the woodworks at a certain times in your life?. 

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  • Meghan Silva

    I have people who come out of the wood works when they need favors or are starting businesses. But I also have a small circle of friends who are there for the long haul and they the ones I would do just about anything for. Loved reading this post, it actually has me thinking about friendships.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

  • Andreea

    I do have people that just come out of the woodworks but it’s probably because they need something from me, usually money. I started cleaning up my friends list (bot online and offline) because some relationships were just toxic and I don’t need such negativity in my life. I got rather good at filtering out people lately 🙂

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