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In the first 6 months

So much changes in the first six months of your little one life it’s crazy , there are many milestones that they will reach and many of these moments will just melt your heart watching them achieve them.


You bring home your little bundles of joy and within the first few days they change. Ava would always be there eyes wide open watching the world go by taking it all in . Within a few weeks she started to sleep more at night going longer and longer between feed which was amazing . Speaking to other new moms I realised quickly how lucky we were getting between 4-5 hours between fees at night . She started to become in more of a routine with when she slept and fed in the day. To our amazement Ava was born with great head and neck control holding her head really well personally I think this is just because she is so nosey and didn’t want to miss anything.


From about 3 months old Ava would chatter to herself and she became very vocal . She was great at telling us when something was wrong as this would be the only time she cried, I know we were lucky with that to. We started to get a proper smile as well this moment is such a heart warming moment . This little baby looking up at you in the morning and smiling just makes everything better if you were having a crappy day. We were even getting a full nights sleep with her not waking at all for a feed in th night!.


From around three months Ava had fantastic neck support and loved sitting in her snug and now started to become more involved and excited by her toys randomly hitting them and becoming surprised that she had made it make a noise . She also started trying to roll she would rock and end on her side but only sometimes made it the whole way over . Ava really hated tummy time as much as I tried to encourage her to try it .This I think stopped her from wanting to roll over fully.


At four months we started Ava’s weaning journey. I had some criticism  from people about this as saying it was too early !. Ava was and still is a hungry little girl she would have 7oz of milk every 3 hours and rarely would she go longer than that . So for us it made perfect sense to start her on some foods and she loved it ! .


So now we’re at 6 months of age ,Ava has cracked rolling and now rolls across the room after the dog !. We have now got a proper belly laugh and normally does it when she sees a dog .They don’t even have to be doing anything she just finds them hilarious . She is still loving her food eating more finger foods and especially loving jam on toast the other day. She has made great relationships with both family and friends and you can see her little face light up when she sees them. Although she is not the biggest fan of men , hopefully she will stay that way 😂.


I cannot believe how much she has changed in these 6 months I am so excited to see what she does in the next 6 months

The first 6 months of being a new parent can be hard your little one will change so much . Take a look how i found it #parenting #babies #firstmonths #milestone


  • David

    That’s cute! They do grow so fast in the first few months. We’re really undecided about whether to start weaning yet at 5 months, but Little Bear, like Ava, is getting a lot hungrier now on just milk.

    • admin

      You just have to do what’s best for your little one if you try and little bear don’t want it then you will know

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