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My first birthday as mommy

I have just celebrated my first birthday as a mommy and unlike most years I didn’t think about it until literally a few days before hand. Normally I would be thinking about all the things I may ask for ( I’m not all about the taking honest !). This time last year I had what was meant to be my 12 week scan when actually it was a  16 week scan ( maths was never my strong point ) !. I though that this was the best present I could of ever asked for .

This year I didn’t have the excitement of going for my very first scan but I did have my little monkey. Yes she didn’t have the best nights sleep  and I was up for a lot of it but hey no different to any other night . It is mad how your body can get used to such little sleep, Before having Ava I wouldn’t even want to speak to anyone unless I had at least 7 hours sleep. Now 7 hours sleep would be amazing.


I am very lucky to have great family and friends sending me lots of cards which just fills your house with joy instantly. A card can make your day reading words from a loved one makes you feel so special. After all you only have one day of the year where your aloud to be truly special and do what ever you want and eat what ever you want !.

Like every year we went out for lunch with my mom and dad and my sister in law ( my brother dumped me for football !! good job his my brother). Having Ava with us just made the day that little bit more special  seeing the joy on my families faces whilst interacting with Ava just makes me smile from ear to ear. My mom helped me to relive my youth by buying me some mini Colin the caterpillar cakes for my birthday cake.



My very clever 7 month old daughter also got me a present a beautiful necklace that I am going to cherish for ever. With the beautiful words

We’ve been Mother and daughter right from the start.. and the friendship we share is a gift from the heart



I have had the best birthday with my little family and I am looking forward to more special moments that may come in our future.

What do you find the best thing about it being your birthday ? has this changed since becoming a parent?.




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