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Our first family Christmas how did it go 

This time last year we were meant to have a baby to enjoy Christmas with but she decided she was to comfy in my tummy . So arrived late to the party and missed Christmas.

So this year was our first Christmas as a family . What a magical time it has been , we have made memories to last a life time . Met up with family and friends and had some great family time at home.

On Christmas Eve we visited the Black Country living museum . Where we went on the hunt for Santa . Yes Ava was far to little to understand what was going on but that didn’t stop her from having a fab time . We went with Faye and Erin who Ava loves to pieces .

For Erin who believed completely in the magic of Christmas it was amazing . She was right there at the front with the women who was helping us find santa . She led us around the Black Country museum . Going from place to place looking for clues .

We wrote a letter to santa which we posted in the magic chimney . Which when we eventually found santa he had got them ! .

Christmas Eve flew past and soon enough it was Christmas Day . We had arranged for family to come over in the morning so they could give Ava her presents. She was spoilt rotten anything a nearly one year old could want she had got.

She even took some steps on Christmas Day !!

excuse my dad at the end of the video 😂😂
For the past couple of years we have eaten out for Christmas dinner . It’s so much easier there is no washing up afterwards . You don’t have to spent the majority of your Christmas Day in the kitchen preparing food . You just have time to enjoy your  family and of course enjoy the food . 

On the evening we went round Jordan’s moms house where santa had been again . Ava got to spend more time with family and of course have lots more food.

All In all Christmas was amazing . I wouldn’t have done anything differently . However we do need to find somewhere to put all of her new toys .


  • Rebecca

    Aw it sounds like you had a lovely time. J had tonsiitis so we didn’t go visit Santa this year but definately will next year. We also ate out this Xmas which was much less stress and hassle so happy to repeat next year 🙂 happy new year x

    • admin

      Oh no hope your better now !! I think we will eat out every year it’s so much easier . I’m planning on starting to save now so can pay for it with ease x

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