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Glove A bubble making bubble fun easy : Review

Ava is a lover of bubbles. Unfortunately she hasn’t really grasped how to blow them from a bubble wand . If I’m being honest I can find it hard at time . So I brought her a bubble gun which I thought was an amazing idea. She wasn’t able to pull the trigger hard enough to make the bubbles. So this left me having to do it for her ! Which for the first 5 minutes is fine but they never want bubbles to end kids don’t. So thankfully we have been given a Glove A bubble to review. Which has really made things a whole lot easier.

Enjoying some bubbles thanks to Glove A bubble

I not longer have to sit in the garden with her blowing bubbles . With the Glove A bubble she can do it herself. A Glove A bubble is exactly what the name suggests it’s a glove that makes bubbles.

Bunny Glove A bubble

Each Glove A bubble comes with the animal bubble Glove and x2 bubble solutions and a pouch to pour the bubble solution into. In order to make good bubbles you will need to use both bubble solutions at the same time.

I picked the bunny one for Ava as she loves bunnies. But there are so many different designs to pick from.

What’s inside the bunny Glove A bubble set

You simply pour the bubble solution into the clear pouch provided. Put the Glove into the solution then wave your arm around . Which will create loads of fun bubbles for your kids to go crazy over.

Using the Glove A bubble


Our overall thoughts

We loved the Glove A bubble mainly because Ava could have the fun of bubbles without me having to stand their blowing them from a bubble wand. The bubble solution makes great bubbles for your kids to enjoy . They come in a wide range of cute designs perfect for all children.

Glove A bubble is great for little ones who want to play with bubbles

*We were sent the Glove A bubble shown above for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*
*This post contains an affiliate link*

All kids love bubbles but not many of them can blow them . This is why you need a Glove A bubble . Easy bubbles for kids #bubbles #kids #blowing #Activties #children

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