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Graduation cards with Basic Invite

This is a collaborative post with Basic Invite 

You may have seen 2 years ago I graduated from university. It was lots of hard work but so worth it. Whilst completing my foundation degree I was pregnant and had a new baby to look after. I then went back in September 2016 to top up my foundation degree to a full degree. Me being me cannot just do one thing at a time I got pregnant again . I did it thought I completed my top up and my graduation is in July. I’m not going to go sadly as I don’t have the childcare and taking two kids with me to graduation would be just too much hard work. I have been thinking maybe I should have a little party with all the people who made it possible for me to go to university.

Without my parents and Jordan I wouldn’t have been able to do it. My mom had Ava each week so I could attend University and Jordan took care of Ava in the evenings and some weekends so I could get my work done. So a little party to show my appreciation would be nice. I have recently been shown these thank you card for graduation. They would be great to write a personal message to each person that helped me achieved what I did.

A thank you card from Basic Invite

I’m not one to be centre of attention really so I wouldn’t want to have a massive graduation party. Even going to my first graduation was very overwhelming for me. Going onto a stage to accept my certificate was horrid. All eyes were on me and I just felt so self-conscious. So a small party would be lovely just to say thank you. I could even go and get some senior graduation party invitations made. Make it seem more like a celebration of my achievement than just a normal meet up with family.

A lot of my friends who will be graduating the same time as I should be are so excited for it. They cannot wait to walk onto that stage and collect their certificate. I can completely understand why , why shouldn’t they be excited. We all worked so hard for it. Most of us were parents and also worked full-time. I was showing one of my friends who is graduating at the same time these senior invites. She really liked them and said they would be a great thing to keep as a memory of the day. As it will have the date time and venue on it.

Basic Invite graduatrion card

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Graduating is such an amazing time it does need to be celebrated even if it’s a party in the garden with your nearest and dearest.

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