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I have grown some lady balls and booked to go to a blogging conference 

One of my blogging goals for 2017 is to attend a blogging conference . To be honest I didn’t think I was going to complete this goal . Thankfully Faye from Glossytots had to same goal and we are going to embrace the scary world of blogging conference together .

On the surface I may seem a pretty confident person . Which I normally am in situations I am comfortable in , but doing something out of my comfort zone I turn into a nervous wreck . I always worry if I’m doing the right thing and always feel really self conscious.

I haven’t just booked to do one blogging conference I have booked to go to two ! . I have booked to go to Blogon twice . Ahhh I’m so scared and nervous . So If you see me up the corner like a dithering wreck please come and rescue me.

Since I have known I was attending Blogon I have made more of an effort with the blogging community . Joining In with conversations on Facebook groups and generally being more active . So commenting on other posts and also joining linkys . In the hope that someone may recognise me and take me under their wing . (Gosh I sound so pathetic !) . Thankfully I do know some people who are going and I’m excited to meet them . Especially the lovely people from an Instagram pod I’m apart of.


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