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It’s really hit me today I have a toddler ! 

I haven’t really thought about how much Ava had grown up until today. It wasn’t because I was reminiscing back to when she was a baby . She has just done things today that made me think gosh you’re getting a big girl ! Turning into a toddler !

turning into a toddler
First of all as soon as we got up today and walked past the bathroom she saw the potty . Held her nappy and said pee !. She has been doing this for a while now but it’s normally at bath times not of her own accord . I’m so not ready yet to potty train a little one ! It would be nice for it to be done for when baby comes but surely she is too young . I know she is switched on but come on little lady slow down.

She is also repeating a lot of words which really is cute but boy do I have to watch what I say . I know she will be that child to go to nursery and repeat it and completely embarrass me . Especially as I work for the company that’s the last thing I need.

Also when we were out for lunch her meal came with some squash. Normally I don’t bother with it or pour it into her cup . Not today she drank from a glass using her straw . She looked so grown up it really melted my heart.

Lastly just her general understanding is amazing , she was eating some mini cheddars earlier and when she had finished I asked her to put the wrapper in the bin. So off she goes to the bin puts hers rubbish in it and comes in clapping her hands. As if to say Mommy I am so clever look at me. Or when we went to the library last week I asked her to go find some new books and she went straight to her section and started to look through the books.

You know what I’m so proud of how we have brought Ava up so far . The amount of people who comment on how polite or sociable she is. I mean there is a lady who works in our local Morrison’s that recognises her and says oh here is happy Ava ! She really is such a happy adorable little girl .

Don’t get me wrong she can be a huge monkey and the terrible 2’s start way before two. Why is it that one of her first words had to be No. Is it  so they she scream it at you . We’re also starting to experience kicking and hitting which isn’t fun. Especially when she goes for our poor dog ! Don’t worry no dogs have been harmed . Kya takes herself off out of Ava’s way.

Just a toddler and her dog
In one way I really hope our second child shares the same sense of humour and personality as Ava . As she is a pleasure to have around most of the time . But maybe with a little less attitude and diva about him . God help me when she is 15. You may see her on local Facebook selling sites free to a good home.

Have you found your children to be completely different ?
When did you realise your baby is now in fact a toddler ? 

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