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So he actually asked me … we’re engaged 

This time last week it was like any other Thursday or so I thought . No clue did I have that by the end of the day I would be engaged.

Thursdays are always a busy day for me as I have to run around getting Ava sorted . Then take her to my moms and then go to uni which is nearly an hours drive .

Whilst sitting at uni me and my friends were on the subject of weddings and engagements . To which I replied

I have been with Jordan nearly 5 years now he is so laid back I don’t think it will happen any time soon .

Oh boy was I wrong.

Jordan text whilst I was at uni to see if I wanted to put the tree up when I got home . Straight away I text back saying yes and couldn’t wait for uni to end.

When I got home we had some tea and started on the tree . This by itself was a magical moment. As it’s our first Christmas with Ava . She “helped” putting the tree up and to decorate it . Considering it’s her first Christmas she already has a good selection of personalised tree decorations .

We stood back and admired our tree . Then Jordan said I will go get the hoover to get the bits up . Then said he would take Ava with him . I did think this was odd but didn’t think too much about it . I packed away the last few things and stopped my camera from recording us . Like any blogger every thing is a potential blog post or photo opportunity so of course I had videoed us doing it .

The next thing I know Jordan’s at the gate with Ava in his arms . My first reaction was why have you got her changed. Then I realised what it said on her baby grow

Mummy will you marry my daddy ?

Before I knew it Jordan had handed me Ava and was down on one knee . To which my brain just turned to jelly and I gave him a big cuddle saying yes !!!

The ring is just beautiful and I couldn’t of picked a better one myself . Impressively it fitted perfectly as well . I was brought back to reality very quickly when I smelt this not so nice smell . Of course right on que Ava had done a poo !

After we had put Ava to bed I needed to grill Jordan about when he has got the ring and what my dad had said . To which he told me my dad cried even before he had asked fully . No surprise there my dad is very emotional bless him .

Jordan also told me he had got the ring a few weeks ago whilst I was helping at a dance show and him and Ava went to the Jewellery quarter to get it .

Being engaged is surreal I don’t feel any different but I have a shiny beautiful ring to show for it. Me and Jordan have lived together for nearly 3 years and already have a baby together . To be honest we’re a pretty strong unit and most the time we are just pratting about having a giggle .

When it comes to the wedding . We don’t have any plans really we just need to get Christmas and Ava’s birthday done first . But I’m sure there will be many more posts about our wedding day journey .

What would be your dream wedding ?


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