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Heartburn during pregnancy doesn’t mean your baby will have lots of hair !

Heartburn I hate you . I suffered really badly with heartburn when I was pregnant with Ava and it’s rearing its ugly head again .

Before having Ava I hadn’t experienced heartburn . I though it was one of those things people moaned about but it wasn’t really anything to moan about . Boy was I wrong its horrendous. Especially of a night-time for me . I would lie down in bed and it would just work its way up to my throat. Sometimes it even made me sick or stop me from sleeping.

I thought I had gotten away with it this time but at 17 weeks pregnant it’s starting again. Nothing specific triggers it . It comes without warning and hurts like hell . Today at my midwife appointment I told her I needed some medicine as I cannot deal with this again.

What I have tried to ease my heartburn
  • Ginger biscuits : these work for a little bit but not anymore !
  • Milk : this will instantly relieve it but then it comes back sometimes with vengeance
  • Rennie tablets : these again work initially but the relief doesn’t last long .
  • Mints : these haven’t even touched it this time around. My first pregnancy I would all ways have mints for instant relief.
  • Heartburn hell

Don’t believe the tale that if you have Heartburn during pregnancy then your baby will have lots of hair . As this is a load of rubbish. Ava was born with hardly any hair and I had awful Heartburn.

Heartburn hell

It was crazy though as soon as I had Ava the heartburn stopped . I don’t think I have had it again until I became pregnant again . Being pregnant brings so much joy but also brings some not so nice things along with it Heartburn being one of them.

Did you get heartburn during pregnancy. If so how did you soothe it ?

heart burn during pregancy can be so uncomfortable but does this mean my baby will have lots of hair and how can i soothe it ?


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