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How does sleep time go in our house or lack of ! 

I put it out there for you guys to pick what topics you would love to know about . This could be about anything advice if I can give It or just a certain conformation your not the only one going through something .

The lovely Naomi from me becoming mom asked about sleeping or the lack of . So here it goes

When Ava was little she was such a good sleeper . Going 4 hours in the night . I didn’t have that new mom tiredness . If I’m honest I probably slept better than I did in the later stages of my pregnancy .



As Ava got old well that’s when the fun began . I was adamant at the start she wasn’t going to get in bed with us . She had to stay in her own bed . Well after a week of no sleep and trying for hours to get her to sleep for all of 10 Minutes. I caved in and put her in with me .

This is something I haven’t regretted . Not only does it stop the midnight tantrums around sleeping . I love waking up next to her in the morning . Even though the majority of the time I end up with a foot in my back and an elbow in my eye .

We have used a cosi bedsheet and this has helped . As she is now crawling the main issues we had is she would wake up , start crawling around her cot . Then start climbing whilst screaming at the top of her voice . With the cosi bedsheet she isn’t able to do this which is fab . Plus she likes to stay warm and snuggled and this is perfect for this too .

I do make sure each night she goes to sleep in her own bed . This now is drama free she goes to bed really easy . I think a good solid routine helps with this so she knows what’s happening next .

Sleeping in the day is still a bit hit and miss but she has never been a big day sleeper.

How’s sleeping going with your little one ?
Do you use any specific strategies?


  • Naomi

    Sleeping is a sporadic occasion in our household! My girl totally hates sleep; she doesn’t nap during the day, goes to bed after 8pm and wakes up before 8am every morning.
    On the bright side she sleeps in her own bed 99% of the time!
    I’m glad I asked this question!
    I’m glad it’s not just us that have to deal with a non-day-sleeper!

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