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How will I know I’m in labour ?

I know it wasn’t that long ago since I had Ava but I really cannot remember what labour was like . I know it hurt a hell of a lot and I just wanted it to be over . But for the life of me I cannot remember what the run up to it was like. I’m sure when it happens in a few weeks time it will all come flooding back to me .

Going into labour what to expect

As I like to be prepared for any occasion I thought I would ask some fellow parent bloggers about their labour . So how did they know they were in labour ? What signs did they have. Also how was it for them and this is what they said.

What to expect from labour

Back ache.. serious back ache..oh and a serious need to stay at home

I didn’t have any signs before my waters broke at 40+4. Finished my tea and went to the hospital to get checked. I was told to go home and wait until my contractions were at a certain intensity and frequency. I nipped to Asda for some more disposible knickers (the glamours of pregnancy!) as the ones I had bought didnt fit and had my first contraction at the till. I wasn’t sure if that was what it was until a couple of minutes later I had another. It was like a seriously intense period pain. 2 hours 9 minutes later I was holding my son. My first, and last baby though… definitely one and done!

I had contractions sporadically for several days before I actually went into labor, which was confusing and also stressful. And at the risk of sharing TMI, I also had a bad stomach!

I was mad because my labour was not as you see on the films or I had read about in books as he went back to back so it went on for about 3 days with totally unpredictable contractions and my waters did not break with either my first or second. How did I know? Because it hurt a lot and when the Tens machine stopped providing relief, I reckoned we must be in business.

With my first I knew very quickly because my waters broke in a huge gush. With my second my waters had start trickling throughout the day and the odd uncomfortable twinges I’d been getting  much much worse. But both my labours were very quick.

The night before I properly went into labour I had the most awful pains in my hips and thighs. I couldn’t get comfortable and I couldn’t sleep through the pain. I couldn’t lay down and found the pain most bearable if I propped myself half sitting up with three pillows. I eventually managed to get 1.5-2 hours sleep like that. I was still in pain during the day so couldn’t nap and then that night I was busy giving birth…and very tired!

My water broke in bed. That was how I knew I was in labour!

I only went into labour with my second. I had been having period like pains and said to my partner about it. He looked worried and said maybe you should call the midwife. I was all “Nooo, this can’t be it it’s way too mild.” Little did I know it didn’t stay like that!! My waters didn’t break until I was pushing, 30 hours later.Now though, I was due yesterday and for the past 2 months every small twinge I have been thinking (hoping) THIS IS IT! No such joy!

With my first son I had a really easy pregnancy and the start of labour was really obvious. I had spent the day back and forth to the toilet which is a sign your body is getting ready, I lost my mucus plug in the evening and woke with mild contractions the next morning. The only trouble I had was that my waters didn’t break. With this one I lost my mucus plug at 24 weeks, my waters broke at 30 weeks and now each day is a waiting game to see if anything starts early. You just can’t predict each labour can you?! Https://

It is true when they say that every pregnancy and labour is different as you can see from above .

What indicators did have to know you were in labour ?



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