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So your little one is starting nursery 

You have made the decision your little one is starting nursery . You have chosen your nursery you want them to go to . But I’m guessing you still feel nervous .


I haven’t yet experienced this as a parent but have been involved with settling a child into nursery with my job .

You drop them off to nursery and they may cry . My biggest piece of advise is leave them don’t hang around . You are just prolonging it for them . I’m sure if you ask the staff to call you . They will call you and let you know how they are getting on. I have Seen it so many time that the children cry for all of 5 minutes then forget about it. Whilst you are at work worrying all day if they are ok . The answer is they are fine and you need to stop worrying .

Building relationships with the staff is so important . So when they want to chat to you when you collect . Make sure you have time to . The better your relationship with the staff the more comfortable you will be with leaving your child there .

You may feel the urge to call or email the nursery to see if they are ok . If they don’t answer straight away don’t worry . They are more than likely doing fun activities with your little ones . Then will answer you call or email when they get the chance .

If you are offered settling in sessions take them . They are as much use to you then they are your child . Go have a hot coffee and an hour to yourself . If your like me you wish you could have this all the time so take advantage of it .


If you have any questions that are unanswered about anything be sure to ask them . It will only make you worry if you don’t ask them . Even if you think they are stupid questions the staff will be happy to answer them .

The other thing I suggest is be organised . Make sure you have everything ready so your morning runs smoothly . It can be so stressful for a child to be rushed in the morning and then dropped at nursery . They will want the time to say bye you to and settling in.

The main thing is you are doing this for the good of your child . They will be able to do thing they have never done before . Make new friends and ultimately have a wicked time. So I’m just going to say it again stop worrying !! .


Please can someone show me this when Ava is starting nursery . I’m sure I won’t practise what I preach .


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