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My brave mom and her mishap

You don’t realise how important someone is to you until something happens.

Last weekend my mom fell over which resulted in her both dislocating and braking her ankle !! She never is one to do things by halves . 4 days later she has had an operation and is now back at home .


In those four days I have felt completely lost and I never realised how much I depend on my mom . Not just for childcare but as a friend someone to talk to .

As I  have Ava and Jordan works it’s been hard getting to visit her so I haven’t had much contact over the last couple of days and it’s been horrid. I would quite often call my mom for a chin wag when I was bored or needed someone to talk to .

I cannot believe how brave she has been with it all literally taking it all in her stride ( maybe more like a hobble ) . When I met her from the ambulance she appeared calm and collected and didn’t even want pain relief . Now if that was me I would be crying like a baby asking for them to knock me out . Not mom she just got on with it .

Mom’s now home !

now back home and learning how to negotiate how to get around the house and live life with crutches . To be honest she has done really well as if she had used crutches before . Hopefully when she goes back to hospital in a couple of weeks they will say it’s healing well and put a full hard cast on . So she can at least weigh bare.

Now my dad is having to learn a lot of things and very quickly . Like how to use their new washing machine . To be honest his doing a fab job at it all keeping the house the way mom likes it and also looking after mom . The amount of people who have helped him along the way just shows how much mom means to them . Offering cooked meals or saying they will sit with her while dad has some time to himself . It’s times like this you realise who is there for you !


I more now then ever admire her courage and hopefully that will be the mom I turn out to be .


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