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Mommy guilt toward our dog Kya  

As you may have read in my previous posts we have a dog called Kya . Although she is quite a big dog she is still classed as a puppy.

We got Kya after we sadly lost or first puppy milo at the age of 8 months . We had Kya from 8 weeks old and she filled our life we joy straight away. She is just so loving and likes to get on you and have a big cuddle .

Like most people we spoil Kya buying her nice treats and toys all the time . Even thought we know the toys will only last 5 minutes before she destroys them. So when we found out I was pregnant we said to ourselves we won’t push her to the side we will include her. Most of the time we have done really well at this if I do say so myself . With supervision we let Kya interact with Ava , we still buy her all the treats and toys a dog could want .

I just carnt stop myself from feeling guilty , if I go out to take Ava somewhere i feel guilty that I am leaving Kya at home and ;


  • Emma

    it is tough having pets and babies but they adapt. we have four cats and id never consider getting rid of any because we had a baby. #bloggerclubuk

  • Briony

    The most stress I had when I was pregnant was worry about how my cat, James, would react. It’s not the same with a cat, they are more self sufficient then dogs (cats don’t give a monkeys) but I do still feel guilty that he’s lost a big chunk of the attention he once had. Now L is big enough to really play with James they are best friends and he’s got all that attention back, just from a different person and in a different way #BloggerClubUK

  • blabbermama

    We have 2 dogs and I love them to bits. We also had people saying to get rid of the dogs and to be careful with the dogs around the baby and all the other warnings you get. Thankfully we’ve had a good experience. There hasn’t been jealousy and the dogs love our son, however now he’s mobile and more interested in putting things in his mouth (he tries dog tails often) It’s more teaching our son to be gentle to them. #bloggerclubuk

  • Debbie

    We were given the same advice from well meaning people, but there was no way we were going to get rid of our dog when we had our son. And even though our dog was a small breed, we were extra careful and they were never left on their on together. When my daughter was year old e got a second dog and over the years we added to our dog family members, which for a few years was five. Sadly we are now down to four.

    The children were taught to respect the dogs and the dogs have never been a problem. Although we do have a Yorkie with attitude.

    You are bound to feel a little guilty about leaving your furry friend behind, I remember feeling the same, but s long as you don’t forget about your dog and still include her you really shouldn’t.


    • admin

      Wow five bet that was a lot of work and run a family . I think it’s great that my daughter is getting the chance grow up around a dog and learn how to be kind towards her .

  • Becky @ Edcuating Roversi

    Our cat doesn’t get much attention since Mini R was born but then she’s always been a people hater. She sits on the sofa with us when Mini R is in bed but during the day she stays out of the way so I don’t feel too guilty. I do feel bad when Mini R chases her and she obviously hates her life at this moment! #BloggerClubUK

  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Kya & Ava will be such great friends when Ava gets older. It’s hard to get away from the mom guilt but I think you are doing everything just right – keep up the good work. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK

  • Poppy Reflects

    I feel so similar about my cat at the moment as I always feel guilty that she’s being pushed out! She is high maintenance as it is but she has been such a pesty cat this pregnancy and I find myself constantly irritated with her more than anything but then feel bad as I know she’s just craving attention. It is a tough one having pets and children sometimes but Taormina loves having a cat so much and growing up around animals is so important I think. X

    • admin

      I so agree with everything you said and I feel the same way about our dog . Kya and Ava are the best of friends it lovely to watch them. X

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