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Mommy’s are not aloud to be poorly 

For the past few days now I haven’t been feeling 100% I had just put it down to Ava being a monkey and not wanting to sleep at night !.

Well today I have woken up and just feel terrible sore throat , head ache the works !. To talk to Jordan this morning before he went to work I had to whisper so didn’t hurt my throat .

When I used to feel poorly I would have a pj day and stay in bed watching a ton of tv and maybe even a film . Not now !! I still have to look after Ava , granted she is not the hardest child to look after but when you don’t feel 100% making a cup of tea is a massive effort.

I’m just going to keep on going , we go to baby yoga on a Thursday and Ava loves it . I don’t want me feeling a little poorly ruin it for her  so we are still going . I know some of you are thinking she only little she won’t even notice if you don’t go . I will know though and I know how much she loves it ! .!

So hopefully as my day goes on I feel better or that the doctors will give me something later to help !!.

Mommys just aren’t aloud to be poorly we just have to keep on going !.

Note the filter on the picture so the bags under my eyes look as if its a the filter lol#momproblems .

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