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Why i have chosen to monitise my blog

When I first started blogging I didn’t know that people make a full-time wage doing it. It wasn’t until I started to interact more with the blogging community that I realised people actually monitise their blogs .To be honest I never thought anyone would ever want to pay me to write for them or review items on my blog.

Now I don’t make a full-time wage at all . Most months I don’t even make a part-time wage but I have extra money . Money that doesn’t go on bills, for me it’s extra money , money that I can use to treat my family with . Money that sometimes helps me get through the month.

Why I monitise my blog

One thing I have learnt whilst accepting payments . Is make sure you don’t get taken for a fool . I get emails daily saying they will pay me £20 to add a link to a post. At first I was like great £20 , £20 that I didn’t have before . But then I started to think about it more . Why should I put so much effort into my blog for you to offer me so little. I pay for my domain and hosting . Also the time it takes me to do things . Why am I accepting these such low offers.

Amongst the blogging community you will hear the term ” know you worth “ thrown around . I never used to understand this but now I do .

I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking its £20 for little work .but that’s where your wrong a lot of work goes in to it . Would you go to work and do all your jobs for little money . I’m sure the answer would be no you would demand more. That’s what I’m doing now I know my worth.

In a short space of time my blog has done pretty well but that hasn’t happened by itself . I have worked my little butt off to get to where I am now . So I think I deserve better payment then what I am sometimes offered.

monitise your blog

I have now learnt not to accept every offer . You have to channel your inner Del Boy and take part in negotiation. Then if you’re not happy walk away. This has meant I have lost out on money but then other things turn up which are better paid and things I would rather spend my time on.

In a short space of time I have worked with some great brands and companies on paid campaigns like SMA and with agencies like Assertive Media.

Just a note for newbie bloggers . Don’t start a blog if you want to make money . You need to have good content first . Your not going to make money straight away and some people never go down that route. Just remember to be realistic. When you read posts in Facebook groups don’t take it to heart you’re not getting these opportunities they will come in time . You have to put the time in it’s not an over night money-making scheme like some people think.

Do you monitise your blog?

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