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I fear this isnt the end . Our month of poorliness

Over the last few weeks I have had either one child or both children poorly. We have had a sickness bug, a chest infection and now hand foot and mouth. Which I will add is so sore my hands are killing me as I type this but I need a distraction from feeling sorry for myself. So instead I thought I would share with you some of the things I have learnt in our month of poorliness.

  1. you’re not aloud to be poorly yourself – So during this month of poorliness I have got off quite lightly. That was until Alby gave me hand foot and mouth the lovely child. Now before children I would put myself to bed and sleep it off. My mom would supply me with energy drinks and food whilst I watched friends on replay. Well not anymore gone on the naps or the lazy day in bed. I’m up and at it changing nappies getting snacks constantly. You just have to carry on as if nothing is wrong . Even if your feeling like death.
  2. They will be sick wherever they want- We have been pretty lucky with sickness bugs in the past. So were not very experienced in this area. It’s all well and good getting them a bucket or making them stay in a area where you can deal with the sick. But as soon as they need to be sick you know they will run for the one thing you dont want them to be sick on. In our case this was our sofa . We have a untreated leather sofa which means you cannot use cleaning products or anything on it. So what did Ava do every time she needs to be sick she would run crying to the sofa and was sick all over it !
  3. When you think its over it’s not- They lure you into a sense of security they start to look fine. Start playing normally acting up like normall. Then bam they are ill again . Youre stuck in the house again watching ceebeies or nick jr all day long. Praying that this is the last day and you will get some adult interaction soon.
  4. Your child wont take the medicine when they are poorly. Then they see the Calpol bottle in the cupboard once they are better and they have the biggest of tantrums become you wont let her have any.
  5. It doesnt matter how much you clean there will still be a faint smell of sick days after them being sick. I was loosing my mind with this one I hate the smell of sick at the best of time. It just kept re appearing for days after and hitting me in the face like a brick wall. When I say I had bleached the whole house to try and get rid of the smell I’m not exaggerating. I could still smell it !
  6. You will worry for days that they haven’t eaten or drank properly in ages . Then as soon as they are better they eat everything in the house and you cannot fill your cupboards quick enough.

Both kids are off to nursery in a few weeks times . I’m expecting they will pick up everything going . We haven’t had chicken poxs yet so I’m just waiting for that one ! Hopefully we can make it at least a month without any illness.

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