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We did Mother’s Day a day early 

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day . One of the main reasons for this is because restaurants place a hefty price tag on meals just because it’s Mother’s Day . Yes you may be able to take the mom along for free but then the other meals cost more than they normally would !
Why would I want to go to a restaurant and spend £20 more just because it’s Mother’s Day . I would rather go the day before and have the same meal and save some money !

Mother's Day family meal

Jordan did ask me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and to be honest I couldn’t really think of anything. I already have enough tat with mom on it to last a lifetime. Of course I love the bits I have but do I really need anymore. The answer is no so that’s why we did a family meal. This is something we love doing as a family and we went to a nicer restaurant to make it that little bit more special.

Also Mother’s Day isn’t just about me it’s about my mom and Jordan’s mom . So we like to make sure we go and see them to show them how much we appreciate them. After doing all the visiting there isn’t much of a day left for me . Now that may sound really selfish but it’s true I want a day for me . A day where I can have a lie in and a nap in the afternoon . With no time ;


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