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My pre parent self 

When speaking to a few of my friends that have children they said they miss their pre parent self . Going out when ever they wanted , having a drink on the weekend and not having to worry about getting up in the night or an early start with a baby .

If I’m totally honest I don’t miss any of that , I have never been a big drinker and much prefer a night in with a take away than a night out on the town .

I think what got us ready for being parents was our dog Kya . As she is crate trained we never went out all day ,we would always be clock watching checking how long we had left her. She would start barking in the morning when she was ready to get up . In my later stages of pregnancy this could be anything from half 4 in the morning. So a puppy is defiantly a good way to see if you are ready for parenthood ( remember dogs are not just for Christmas they are for life  !!).

If anything Ava has made our little family whole ( I know that sounds really cringe but it’s true ). There is nothing that I miss about my pre parent self . Sometimes yes I do wish I had 5 minutes to myself but I can also remember thinking this before Ava .Working lots of hours and looking after a puppy . Life it’s self is tiring and no matter your situation a 5 minute sit down to yourself would be awesome.

If anything I have found I have made great friendships with other moms where we take our children to fun places . I have Defiantly got more of a social life well I say me , I mean Ava with all the different groups we go to and play dates we just don’t stop.

Most of all I have found I see and make an effort to see both mine and Jordan’s family more . As I want Ava to know all of her family and to have a good relationship with them, after all family is the most important thing.


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