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The night from hell

Last week sometime I wrote a post about our bedtime routine and how Ava likes to sleep ,well now I am eating my words last night I had he night from hell ! .

Ava went to bed as normal went straight to sleep really easy , feeling a little unwell I thought I would get an early night ! . As soon as I got comfy in bed the crying started !. I did as I usually do and put her dummy in turn on Ewan and left her to drift back off to sleep . Last night this just didn’t work and the normal cry turned into very loud screaming .

As this wasn’t working I thought right lets see if she is hungry but no she didn’t want milk , didn’t want a cuddle nothing would settle her . Sitting there in her room with her screaming I had a moment of doubt . Why can I not settle her ? I thought I knew her well and could understand what she wanted !. Am I not being a good mommy does she not want me ! . These thoughts of doubt were probably 1 because I was feeling poorly and needed sleep and 2 because I had now sat there for 3 hours and she is still not settled.

Anything you could think of I tried last night and nothing worked at all she didn’t have a temperature she didn’t want a cuddle didn’t want her own space nothing !.

Eventually she settled in her bed at around 4.30 in the morning feeling emotional and tired I just pleaded with her to give mommy at least an hour of sleep and that she did. She decided at about 7 that she was ready for the day to start big smiles the works . Me was not so ready for the day to start so a cuddle in our bed was on the books . Just to give me another hour to lie down not even sleep .

It’s crazy that as soon as I saw her big smile in the morning I forgave her a little I mean I am still shattered and poorly now but we have had a snuggled up day on the sofa .

night from hell
And also having snuggle with our puppy dog Kya!

We all have those nights with our kids when they dont sleep. Well this night in particular i dont think i closed my eyes for a moment !! #parenting #tired #nosleep #babies


  • Eliana

    Aww this is so cute! Having a 3 month old baby boy I can completely relate to your “night from hell” She is such a cutie btw! they all are, so even if we feel like zombies during the day we still love them! hope you can catch up some sleep soon! x


  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Oh I know that exhaustion all too well! It’s hard to know what makes them have sleepless nights like that – teething maybe, who knows. They are lucky they are so cute! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

    • admin

      It’s all just a mixture of everything we’re getting better with sleep now . Hopefully not just jinxed myself #bloggerclubuk

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