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How did this happen my baby is one

Today marks the day when my little baby was born . She is not so little anymore she is one, she isn’t aloud to be one . I’m sure only yesterday she was this little tiny baby sleeping on my chest .

Where has my baby gone she is one today

I know people say it and it does make me cringe slightly but times goes so fast . So much happens in the first year it’s madness . She has gone from a baby that couldn’t hold her own head up to taking he First steps and saying he First words all In a year .

It has been the best year of my life . I didn’t realise how amazing being a mom would be . Waking up each morning and seeing her face is the best . Even if her foot has been lodged in my back most of the night.

One today

Don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy being a parent is bloody hard work . You very quickly need to learn how to survive on around 4 hours sleep a night . But that’s why makeup was made a good concealer can hide a lot.

I have been really lucky with Ava she is an amazing little thing . I can take her anywhere or do anything with her . She never moans she just gets on with it . Allways full of smiles . She has made being a mom a lot easier . When I hear stories from other parents I realise what an easy ride I have had to be honest .

Having Ava has made mine and Jordan’s relationship so much stronger . When I have been finding it hard he is there . He is the best daddy a little girl could ever want . He plays all the fun games , Gives the best snuggles and works really hard to make sure me and Ava don’t go without .

One today

Im excited to see what she will be able to do in the next 12 months . What memories we will make along the way .


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