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Being organised is key for getting out the house in the morning

Yesterday was my first day back at work and Ava’s first day at nursery. During my time off we haven’t really needed to leave the house that early . So I haven’t really had to get my arse into gear.

So Monday evening I was in a little bit of a panic , the thought of being late to my first day of work was making me feel a little sick. This may also have been because I was a little nervous about going back to work. Not because I was worried about Ava but because I was worried if I was going to be able to be work me again.

A few days leading up to Ava’s first day at nursery I was adding name labels to everything possible that she may take with her. I think the only thing I hadn’t name labelled was her . Then I packed and re packed her bag a few times just making sure I had gotten anything. I was really worried that I had forgotten something she would need. I suppose the mom guilt for sending her to nursery was kicking in slightly. Even though I know she will love it and not think about me.

organised ready for nursery

I also packed my bag the night before with the things I would need for work. This really didn’t consist of a lot just my diary, note pad, stationary and documents I had been asked to take with me . Also for the first time in my life I got my lunch ready for work the night before. Normally I would be running around like a mad head and end up grabbing what ever I got to first. Even if it was unhealthy.

I also got my clothes ready that I wanted to wear for work the next day . This is new territory for me I am so used to having a uniform and knowing what I am wearing each day. Even though I have gone back to the same company I have changed role completely. This means I now need to wear smart office wear.

Monday night of course Ava decided she didn’t want to sleep and was up a lot in the night. She ended up in bed with me in the hope she would at least have an hours sleep. Before I went to bed I had set around 4 different alarms with 5 min intervals. But of course my phone alarm didn’t go off !! luckily Jordan had set one as well so he was able to wake me up.

Thankfully Ava stayed asleep when I was getting ready so I could get myself sorted in peace. I also made sure to get all the things in the car before Ava woke up so that I didn’t have to balance carrying Ava two bags and a load of nappies and wipes.

For the past couple of days before hand Ava was treating me and Jordan to a good lie in and would wake up at 10.00am. So when I had to wake her up at 8.00 to get her ready she wasn’t too happy with me. As she was still sleepy she didn’t do her normally wriggling when trying to get her ready. So it made her a lot easier getting her ready.

We got to Ava’s nursery which is also my place of work on time. She settled in fine and didn’t even want to say bye to me . I forgot nothing and everything ran pretty smoothly so I suppose organisation is key. As long as I keep as organised as this I think mornings will be fine. I just hope I don’t start slipping as the weeks go on.

How do you get your family organised to leave the house in the morning?

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