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Organix Goodies helping parents to make lunch box’s more exciting

Every Thursday Ava goes to my mom and dad’s house as I go to university. This means I have to pack her a packed lunch to take with her. Now I hate making packed lunches I never know what to put in them. I like to make sure she has a good mix of things and something that isn’t boring. So recently I have been sent some snacks from Organix goodies 12 month+ range to help me mix up Ava’s lunch box.

Organix lunch box fillers

Ava is a big crisp monster so as soon as I saw they have sent me some cheese and herb puffs to try I knew they would go down well. As soon a she saw the packet she got really excited! and chomped her way through the bag in no time. I liked the fact that the puffs were a good size not too small that she couldn’t pick them up and not to big that she couldn’t chew them properly.

munching her way through Organix cheese puffs


Now breadsticks Ava hasn’t really been a big fan of these. I suppose normally they don’t really taste of a lot so whats the point in eating them. I have put dips on them but she normally just ends up licking all the dip off and throwing the breadstick on the floor for the dog to eat. Now these breadsticks were so full of flavour I even caught Jordan sneaking on a few the other day. These are also fab to pop in the changing bag for when we go out and she is having a mental break down. Snacks are my go to thing to calm her down and make the outing more bearable.

Organix cheese and chive

Lastly we were sent some chocolate and orange crisp bars. At first Ava wasn’t to sure about these as the orange flavour is really strong. She isn’t the biggest fan of orange flavour things as it is. After a few attempts she really started to like them. These chocolate and orange bars are really full of flavour and have juicy raisins inside them. I at first couldn’t see or taste these raisins so may be a good way to get a picky eater to eat more fruit.

Organix coco and orange crispy bars

Like all of the Organix products the products shown above follow the no junk promise. Which means that they are always organic, don’t contain anything unnecessary and are setting the standards.

The products shown above can be purchased from Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose and many other shops. Or you can visit their website for more information.

Organix Goodies really does make making a packed lunchbox for Ava so much easier and tastier. What Organix products does your little one like?

*I was sent the products shown above for free in return for a honest review. All photos and opinions are my own*

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