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Parenting with Anne Robinson #annerobinsonsbritan

Wow watching Anne Robinson’s Britain last night made me feel so good about myself . She was looking at parenting and all the different styles there are.She opened the program with the statement

Your all striving for an impossible goal to be perfect mothers . That’s where it has all gone pair shaped. There is no such things as a perfect mother !

Thank god ! I will stop striving to be this perfect mother and just be mom. Like one of the moms said on a scale of 1-10 sometimes I’m a 10 sometimes I’m a 2. It just depends on the situation ( love this !! )


She then looked at the different parenting styles that you may come across today . The first one which I couldn’t do myself was attachment parenting . Meaning no bottles,prams,cots or public schooling . Unlike many parents this First Lady doesn’t leave her children with anyone  when they are under the age of two ,not even her husband !! . Personally I think that’s crazy , we all need a break at times. I do love Ava but some days I cannot wait for Jordan to come home to have her for 5 minutes:



The second lady Corin followed the forest school ethos with her parenting . Taking a more laid back approach with very little routine. She then experienced life with another mother who had a very structured parenting style and focused highly on education and sport. I can completely understand this “pushy ” parent technique, I think I may be the same in some aspects . I want Ava to achieve the best she possibly can if this means me paying for additional schooling or activities I would do it .

I won’t tell you all that goes on but it’s defiantly worth a watch, she goes on to look at working moms and single parents . I have been able to find it on the BBC I player , so might be worth popping over.

This programme has just proved to me that it doesn’t matter what parenting strategy you take . We all have the same end goal for our children to be happy .


  • Hannah Spannah

    Oooh, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I saw her on a tv program and wondered why but wasn’t concentrating. Now I know that she must have been promoting this. I’ll have a look on catchup. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare


    You do what is right for you and your kids…some days you might be realxed others more strict, or you might be strict about somethings and relaxed about others. i cant imagine having a ‘strategy’ and sticking to it all the time. i didnt see the show, but it sounds like it was a good watch #stayclassymama

  • The Mum Project

    Lovely photo by the way! This sounds like something I would watch and I am very interested so will be trying to find this on BBC iplayer tonight. Really interesting that she looks at all the different types of parenting, I’d like to know if it makes any difference lol. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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