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Where Parents Go Wrong When Sorting Their Baby’s Nursery

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There are so many things you need to sort when you find out you’re expecting. One of the most fun and stressful is sorting out the baby’s nursery. A lot of parents spend ages trying to choose the right items for the nursery. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make mistakes when sorting it all out. Here are some areas where parents go wrong when sorting their baby’s nursery so that you can avoid these mistakes.


A lot of parents decide to paint their baby’s nursery one particular colour. Then they regret it when the baby comes as they end up being a different sex! You will be surprised how often the sonographer can get the baby’s gender wrong at the 20-week scan. Therefore, you should always go for a neutral colour which would be suitable for both genders. That way, it’s also a lot more adaptable as the baby grows up too. Cream or yellow might be perfect as they grow up and won’t then need to be repainted!


They buy too many items they don’t need .It’s easy to go overboard when buying new items for your little one’s nursery. After all, you are excited about the new-born’s arrival. However, a lot of the time parents end up spending way more than necessary on items that are not compulsory. You should stick to buying the essential basics for your baby and then you can buy extras when necessary. Also, you can tell friends and family to buy these extras anyway! . Take a look at what Beauties and the bibs thought you will .


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They don’t consider the safety.You need to ensure you remember the baby’s safety when designing your nursery. For example, when choosing where to place the crib, you need to consider windows and heaters. You don’t want your baby to overheat as they are in direct sunshine. You also need to ensure it’s placed away from wall decoration and cords that your baby could get stuck in when they start crawling. It’s also important to choose a cot which conforms to safety standards. You don’t want something second-hand which may end up putting your baby in danger. Therefore, always choose good quality Nursery furniture to ensure your baby stays safe and well.


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They put the items up too early.Although you can’t wait for the baby’s arrival, you need to ensure you don’t put the items up too early in the room. For one, if you have pets, they might go in there and chew your baby’s bedding or toys. Also, it could accumulate dust over time, and you will end up having to clean everything before your baby’s arrival. A lot of people think the perfect time is about three months before the new-born’s arrival date.


Remember to ensure you have plenty of storage in the room to hold the baby’s nappies and bottles. Also, make sure you and your partner are happy with the room you have chosen to be the baby’s nursery. You don’t want to choose the wrong room and then have to end up decorating another room for your little one!

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