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Pets and babies

When I found out I was pregnant and we started to tell people ,what I heard quite a lot of the time is so are you getting rid of the dog or remember never leave the dog alone with the baby ( like I would do that ) . This came quite frustrating as Kya ( that’s our dog ) was there before we knew I was pregnant and she is one of the family not something I would just toss out when we had enough of her !! .

The last few months of my pregnancy having a very hyper dog was getting hard . I hate to say it but sometimes I did think how am i going to do this !!. The one thing we did to prepare Kya for the new arrival was letting her go into the baby’s room and have a sniff at all the new and exciting things.

I remember on the way home from hospital I was worried about this first meeting and how excited Kya would be . Well in fact I don’t know what I was worries about Kya was amazing !!! . We put Ava in her car seat in the middle of the room. Kya went over to her had a good sniff then went off and did her own thing !!.

Don’t get me wrong there has been time since where I have thought how am I going to do this like when Kya is being really kind and wants Ava to have her bone !! 🙈, but the answer is still the same she is one of the family and as we have got to learn all these new things about our baby so has Kya .

In fact Ava loves her follows her walking around the room and laughts and smiles at her which is really cute , best friends for life I think ♥️.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy having both a dog and a baby. Sometimes Kya can be just as hard work. She is still only a puppy so has her puppy moments from destroying parts of the house whilst I’m out. To racing at full speed around the house when she is exciting. I do have mommy guilt towards Kya as I’m unable to show her as much attention as she used to have. She does seem to be coping with it well so I’m hoping she doesn’t hate the fact their is a baby in the house and our attention is now halved.
Just because your having a baby doesn’t mean your dog has to go . Children and pets can become best of friends . #pets #childrenwithanimals #bestoffriends #friends #animals #families #dogbreed #forkids #truths #parenting

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