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All you do is play all day- yer right !!

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to work with children. I can remember being about 9 or 10 and going round my moms friends house who was a child minder and helping her with the children. So as soon as I realised college was the way to go I knew straight away what course I wanted to do. I worked my little butt of doing my BTEC in childcare and came out with a triple distinction which to this day I am still very proud of.


Being newly qualified it can be hard to find a job In any sector. So I signed up to a agency and worked in ;


  • Jenni

    I used to get this as a support worker, I would be supporting adults with learning disabilities in the community and my friends would say how lucky I wad going to the cinema, shopping etc. They didn’t think of the other side of it, the emotional and physical draining side x

  • Hannah Atkinson

    I totally agree with you! I did the NNEB many years ago and spent about 17 years working as a Nanny and Maternity Nurse and I used to get this all the time. The other comment I got was ‘I bet you just stick them in front of the tv all day’. People have no idea. Thanks for linking to the #weekendblogshare

  • Abi - Something About Baby

    I have complete respect for my son’s nursery workers – I find him hard work on my own sometimes, and they have another 20 kids to deal with! I know how much paperwork they have to do, as half of it probably comes from me emailing them for various reasons! I think as a parent we can completely appreciate how hard childcare providers work, and as much as you love your job, it’s hard work like any other job is. As for the hours – our nursery workers quite often start at 7 and finished at 6, so it’s a blooming long and tiring day! Hats off to you x

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