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Potty training a boy isn’t actually any harder than potty training a girl

Alby is now fully potty trained . It’s been pretty plain sailing . I was actually really worried about potty training Alby as I heard so many times that boys are harder to potty train than girls . Don’t know why but so many people I know have said their boys just seemed so much more laid back and weren’t bothered by potty training.

How to potty training   a boy

Our potty training journey with Ava was so easy like too easy . I think she only had maybe 2 accidents. Non of which were poo accidents so that was amazing . If I’m being honest she has more of an issue with toileting now at 4 then she did then . This is mainly because she’s got lazy and cannot he bothered.

So when it came to potty training Alby I hoped he would be as easy as Ava. But then I had this little voice in my head saying boys are ao much harder this is going to be a nightmare just because that’s what other people’s experiences had been. 

I will say doing it a second time around I was so much more chilled out about it . With Ava I would put a nappy on her in the car as I didn’t want her to have an accident in the car when we first started potty training . With Alby I just went for it . One day he asked for pants on and no nappy and since that day ( bar one day trip to the zoo) he hasn’t had a nappy on.

Potty training whilst out

I pretty much followed Albys lead with potty training . I didn’t push either the potty or the toilet . I let him do whatever he felt comfortable with . Which at the start was a potty . Now his more confident he will go on the toilet and he will get himself on and off it . 

Due to covid I haven’t been able to take him to a shop to pick his own pants like I would of liked to . Instead he told me what he wanted and I got them from Asda whilst doing my weekly shop . I have found that children are less likely to have an accident in pants they like . As they want to wear them . They don’t want them to be wet . I remember the first time he wet his beloved paw patrol pants he was beside himself . He didn’t want me to wash them but also didn’t want them as they were wet . 

One thing that I have noticed with Alby is that I have learnt when he is most likely to have an accident. Alby is a big food lover and one of the main times he had an accident was when he was choosing what food he was going to have . It’s as if he couldn’t wait to pick his food so had an accident . 

Once I noticed this pattern I made sure to ask him if he needed a wee before asking him about food. Since doing this and also buying him the pants he liked accidents have stopped all together . (Touches all the wood) 

His now gone back to nursery and hasn’t had any accidents . We been on many a days out mainly in the woods ! And he hasn’t had any accidents . Even if nature wee’s with boys are so much harder than girls , who would of thought it ! His done amazingly and smashed the stereotype of boys being harder to potty train that I had in my mind . 

The biggest and most important factor is that he was ready . He was asking for the potty for a few weeks before starting. He didn’t want pants on but he knew what the potty was for and we had some success. We went with him , we didn’t push him and we didn’t make it a stressful situation. 

Yes him piddling on the kitchen floor whilst we’re trying to decide what to have for lunch wasn’t the best thing . I just made sure to keep my cool clean it up and carry on . The more chilled you are about the situation the more at ease they are . It’s like with anything they feed off your emotions. 

His nighttime nappies are 9/10 dry also so this is the next step . I just don’t think I’m not ready for it yet . I just feel as soon as the nappies are gone completely I won’t have any babies anymore . Which makes me sad . I mean I don’t want anymore but I just don’t want them to grow up. 

potty training a toddler and have a busy life

So moral of the story is boys don’t have to be hard work to potty train . Each child is different and they will all get there as some point.

Potty training a boy I was told was so much harder . This is not what I found at all . In fact it went so much better than I thought . #pottytraining #toilet #toddler #potty

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