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My pregnancy at 34 weeks

I’m 34 weeks today and have been to the hospital for a scan . So it only seemed right that I did a little update about how things have been going on . I haven’t been doing these every week as one my pregnancy isn’t that eventful and two who wants to read every week that I’m tired and just want to have had him now.

34 weeks pregnant

So today we went to the hospital for a scan . Now normally you don’t have another scan after 20 weeks unless there is a problem or some complications. I was asked to return to the hospital to have another scan due to my placenta lying a little low at my 20 week scan.

I went to the hospital full of optimism as the week before my midwife had told me he was 3/5 engaged and I assumed he wouldn’t be able to engage if my placenta was in the way.

The scan was amazing it was so lovely to see him again it’s such a long time between scans. The results were that my placenta has moved !!! Meaning there should be no reason why I cannot have a natural birth this time . Just like his sister his measuring a good weight at this stage . They said he weights around 5lb 10oz so his not going to be a little baby at all. I’m just so glad that now I have the option to go natural birth .As this is something I have wanted all along.

So generally I’m finding pregnancy really hard this time around . I think it’s partially because I have Ava already at home. I’m still trying to keep up with her and do things with her . Make sure the house is clean and tidy . When really I should probably be putting my feet up putting a film on and having a snuggle with my little girl.

Sibling love at 34 weeks pregnant

I’m finding it to be really uncomfortable some days like there just isn’t enough room for him in there . I hope there is as potentially we have another 6 weeks until my due date . I find some of his kicks and movement really painful.I have to massage him back down as he as tends to keep body parts sticking out for ages. I have also had quite a few shooting pains low down in my bits. Which really isn’t comfortable but I’m told these are just lightning pains it’s just everything getting ready for his arrival moving and stretching and also baby moving into position . So I have to think of them as good pains as they are my body preparing it self for the big day .

Sleeping isn’t really happening . The annoying thing is I can get myself comfy to sleep .I fall to sleep fine but then I wake loads during the night . What’s even more annoying is that Ava’s now sleeping through the night so it’s not like I’m up for a reason . I’m just awake for the sake of being awake and then it takes me ages to fall back to sleep . Poor Jordan has even vacated the bed .To see if I have more space will I be able to sleep better . The answer is no I still have the same rubbish nights sleep.

Do you know what again I haven’t had any cravings at all. I really wanted to have a weird craving . It’s a question so many people ask you and I have nothing to say to them. I just drink lots of coke which I know is really bad. but with both this pregnancy and my last pregnancy it’s just something I feel like I need to have . I suppose then you could call that my craving.

34 weeks pregnant

At this point now seeing my toes are a thing of the past.Wearing shoes that need laces or zips doing are a thing of the past. Slip on easy shoes are the way forward. Some days I find it hard to even put Ava’s shoes on as the bump just gets in the way.

After my little freak out the other week about not being organised for baby. I think we are now pretty much done . He has lots of clothes which my mom is very kindly washing and ironing for me. I have brought everything I think I need for my hospital bag thanks to people’s suggestions . The only thing we are wanting/needing is another iso fix base for the car . So that’s the next and I think last thing we need to buy. All we need then is for baby to arrive safe and healthy.

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