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Pregnancy old wives tales true or false ?? 

During my pregnancy I was told so many differnt things due to old wives tales people thinking they could tell the sex of my baby and heartburn being an indicator for things but I found a lot of them to be completely untrue and after a while it does get kind of annoying people thinking they know things because of old tales.

The main one I had Before we had our gender scan was. You must be having a boy as you haven’t had morning sickness and your carrying all around the front !. Well they were wrong I had a girl .

The other one was your baby is going to have a full head of hair with all that heartburn your getting. So I expected this rediculasly hairy child as I had hart burn all the time in my last trimester. In fact she was the complete opposite literally had no hair and still hasn’t got much now !!.

old wives tales
The foods you eat during pregnancy will determine what kind of eater you little one is . To be honest my diet is not very good and never has been and allready Ava eats better than me .So I don’t see this to be true either but will see what happenes in the future .

old wives tales
One that maybe true for me anyway is that they say if you are craving sweets then your having a girl . During my pregnancy I did always want a lot of full fat coke , but then I have always had a sweet tooth it just got more during pregnancy.

I suppose everyone is differnt and some old wives tales that may of not been true for me may be true to others !.

What old wives tales were you told ?.


There are so many pregnancy old wives tales out there but are any of them true ? #pregnancy #babies #3rdtrimester #2ndtrimester #1sttrimester #parent #pregnancywhattoexpect


  • Hannah Spannah

    I don’t think I heard or was told many old wives tales when I was pregnant and we we’re told that he was a boy at 20 weeks anyway so that probably stopped lots of wondering! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  • ShoeboxofM

    We had all of those! Up until she came out we were convinced my youngest daughter would be a boy. We spent the time during induction frantically trying to agree a boy’s name!

    The most dangerous myth we heard was that babies kick less when they are ready to come out and it’s scary how many midwives still peddle that one despite all the evidence being against them.


    • admin

      Omg I have never heard that one before how scary is that to think that some people are still thinking that way !! Thank you for commenting #weekendblogshare

  • Gemma

    I remember hearing quite a few of these old wives tales – including one which was about whether you carried your baby high or low would also predict what you were having (can’t remember which way round it was though). I actually had a feeling from the day I found out I was pregnant that I was having a boy and was proved right at the 20 week scan – whether it was just a lucky guess or intuition, I’ll probably never really know. #weekendblogshare

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