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Why pregnancy scans scare the hell out of me

Pregnancy scans are meant to be the best time. A time full of joy and happiness but I just cannot help but worry . I’m fine until 5-10 minutes before the scan then all of a sudden I get really nervous. I just start to think what if something is wrong , what are they going to tell me , is everything ok?

You get that really cold gel rubbed across your belly. Which always makes me giggle as it makes a farting noise  as it comes out the tube. You then find yourself waiting for some kind of response from the person doing the scan . Which sometimes feels like a life time as they zoom in and out of sections. Running that thing along your tummy which really makes you want a wee. Then finally you get the news you where hoping for that all is ok. They start to show you different parts of your baby, talking about its measurements and only now do I stop feeling sick.

It doesn’t matter how many how many scans I have I always feel the same . That sick horrible feeling comes over me until I know all is ok.

Also the wait between scans is a killer especially if you only have the two. I understand it’s costly for the NHS but god it’s a long time not to see your little one. I was actually quite grateful when they said I needed more scans to check Ava’s growth when I was pregnant with her. It gave me an opportunity to see her a few more times before the big day.

So tomorrow is my 20 week scan with baby number two at the moment I’m ok about it but I know that will change . I just need to hear that everything is ok then I can continue on growing this baby that hopefully will be with us 5th December.

pregnancy scans are meant to be a happy time but i just cannto help feeling scared #pregnancy #scans #parenting


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