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A whole lot of pumpkin fun

You may have seen last week we visited a pick your own pumpkin farm . We did this last year with Ava but as she wasn’t even one yet she didn’t really care too much for It . This year she was loving it running up and down the pumpkin field. Touching the different pumpkins mainly saying they were yack ! But she did have a great time and we got some awesome picture that I’m sure we will treasure for years to come.

Pumpkin fields and snuggles with bunny Making memories at the pumpkin patch Having fun at the pumpkin field

Now I have to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of carving pumpkins mainly because of the smell. But in life we have to do things we don’t particularly like .So for the sake of Ava experiencing pumpkin carving we brought a pumpkin and got to carving it.

So that my house didn’t smell of pumpkin and also to keep my kitchen floor clean we did our pumpkin carving outside. I got a bin bag and pulled it apart and lay it flat on the slabs outside. This actually worked really well as it caught all the mess and I could just pick it all up and pop it in the bin.

Family time and pumpkin patch

To my surprise Ava did actually help me try to get some of the pumpkin seeds out. Despite telling me yet again it was yack as she was doing it. I know she is still only little but we talked about the seeds inside and she even planted one in the garden . So sorry to the people who buy our house in the future if they get a random pumpkin growing.

Toddler fun carving pumpkins

We then went for the simple non artistic pumpkin face. Because let’s face it who doesn’t love a simple but classic design . Also my art skills are zero so this is probably the best I would ever be able to do.

Carving pumpkins

As Ava is one to mess .I thought that it probably wasn’t going to be the best idea to put a candle inside . So the other day when I was at the shops I brought a pack of two glow sticks for £1 . I’m not sure how long they will glow for .But at least I don’t have to worry about her burning herself.

Using glow sticks in pumpkins

If I’m being honest I think it’s pretty effective what do you think ?

Pumpkin by night

If you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween activities to do with your children. Then you need to head over to the . Which has everything from costume designs to Halloween arts and crafts.


*This is a collaborative post with families online*

A whole lot of pumpkin fun from pumpkin picking to carving pumpkins with some easy designs and craft ideas


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