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Put down the baby books !! 

I remember when I was pregnant I was offered some baby and pregnancy books . Them ones that tell you what to expect , I did decline not because I didn’t want their books but just because I didn’t want any books about pregnancy and having a baby.

Just the other day whilst out with Ava I heard a group of moms talking about what there little ones can and cannot do . One mom said that in the book they had it said their little one should be sitting at 6 months and there little one wasn’t . She then went on to say that do you think I should take him to the doctors as he is 8 moths and cannot do this !!.

She then turned around to me and did the usual mom introduction talk saying how cute Ava is and asking how old she was . When I said she was 6 months she said should she really be eating toast !! , in the baby books that I have it says to start with simple foods at six months . I very polity answered saying It works for us and Ava is fab at eating . When in side I wanted to shout at her !! .

Why do some parents think what is written in these books is gospel !, do they not think that all these books are published so that someone makes money from them . Yes I do understand  that children have milestones they need to reach but I think they forget each child is an individual and they will do in their own time.

I think some parents these days are concentrating on what their children cannot do and then miss the little things they are doing . They are to conscious of what others think and personally I think it’s stupid . As long as your child is happy and healthy what’s the problem !.

My advice to any new parents is put the books down and just enjoy your little bundle of joy !.

Being a parent can be very scary but it doesn’t mean you need to read how to be a parent from a book. Parents need to put down the baby books and just enjoy their children #parenting #help #support #parentinghowtos #tips #advice #ideas #101

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  • A Cornish Mum

    I completely agree, baby books can be ridiculous as they make parents worry. At the end of the day every child does everything in their own time. Baby books are often almost as bad as doctor google 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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