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Saying bye to education for now

For what seems like for ever now I have been in education in some way or another

I did my GCSE’s went to six form for a year and hated it . It just wasn’t for me I felt like I wanted to be a ‘grown up’ but was still in a school environment. I then went on to college and did my BTEC in early childhood studies.

College was the right option for me if only I had listened to my mom haha. I suppose in life you have to make decision for yourself to learn though . I had an amazing time at college made some friends who I still speak to now. I finished college with a triple distinction which I was very pleased about. Actually I’m still really proud of it now.

I then left college and went to work for a childcare agency to gain some paid experience as no one would employ me without paid experience. Which I think is crazy as i had done loads of placements whilst at college with all different ages. Anyway I digress, I was feeling like I needed something else to keep my mind occupied. So I went back to college at night and did my BSL level one . This was such a fun and interesting opportunity. Don’t get me wrong its bloody hard work but I had such a great time learning a new skill. I did in fact pass my level one which I was ecstatic about. I was going to go on to do my level 2 but at this point I had gotten a job and needed to put my all into that for a bit.

I think I then had 12 months off . Well not completely I did many courses  through my new work which included things like safeguarding, speech and language and behaviour management training. In the next few years I also did a team leader and management training qualification and passed both of them.

Then I took the biggest leap of all and decided to go to university. I remember saying to Jordan when I started university that I wanted to complete my foundation degree before we though about having children. Well maybe 18 months if that into my foundation degree I fell pregnant with Ava. I did manage with support from my family to complete my foundation degree. I went back to university pretty quickly after having Ava as didn’t want to fall behind so my mom bless her had Ava for me.


Then i thought why stop there let’s do my top up year I can do this and raise a toddler . Little did I know I would fall pregnant again 🙈 but .I’m so happy to tell you all I have recently had my overall results for this and I passed with a 2:1 , whoop whoop. It was bloody hard work , I was already exhausted from looking after Ava , had gone back to work and was dealing with horrible morning sickness.


I think for now I’m done .I have got enough student loans and my brain is no longer what it used to be. Plus I want to enjoy my children whilst I can whilst they are young. I might look into doing something else when they are at school you never know . Never say never hey !


I have been in education now since i was 3 im now 27 is it time i say good bye to education for ever ?

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