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School Places !

Now I know Ava is only 4 months old and going to school is a long way off but watching friends around me nervously waiting for their acceptance letters for school places has got me thinking.

Were we live now is nice but I don’t want Ava to attend any of the schools in the area. So the thought of moving house has now entered my head. We will need to firstly find the school we would want Ava to go to then find a house that comes under that catchment area !! ( this seems like a lot of stress ).

School is so important as these early years in a child life help determine who they will become in later life and a good school will help them gain a passion for learning. Now I know a lot of parent look at OFSTED reports and yes they are important and a very good tool for parents to use to gain an insight in the school . What most parents don’t understand is that OFSTED only see you on that one occasion and it happens we all have a bad day and what’s the betting they will come on that day !!. So I’m not just looking for an amazing OFSTED report I will want to get a feel for the school myself see if I have the same beliefs as them and agree with their teaching strategies. I think that some schools can be so number orientated as in where they place in score tables and forget that school is meant to be a fun place to learn.

Working in the Early years I think I have high expectations of what I want from a school as I have prepared so many children for school I know what the school needs to do to help them develop.

Before this I know I have got to find a nursery to send Ava to but every time I think about that it makes me a little sad the thought of returning to work and someone else looking after her !!. So I’m not going to think about that at the moment.

I just hope I make the right decisions for Ava !! ( being a mommy is so much responsibility !!)

I hope you all got the schools that you wanted without the stress of an appeal, would love to read and hear your stories about school places or even nursery places ( making me want to cry !!).

Ava tutu !

( that’s the shocked face of thinking about going to school)


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