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School readiness : What children actually need to be able to do.

With Ava starting school in September we have started to do things to ensure she is ready for school . Now when I say school readiness most people think . Being able to write their name and all the academics aspects. Well I’m in fact not bothered about the academic side of things . Not because she is a super clever child but because that’s what schools are for . To teach children how to read and write and all the other educational things.

When I say school readiness I mean these things below

  • Being able to wipe her bottom.
  • Being confident to ask adults for help.
  • Using her cutlery correctly so she can cut her food up by herself.
  • Being able to put her shoes on the right feet and do them up
  • Being able to put her coat on and off
  • Being able to wash and dry her hands without support
  • Being able to open packets of food herself so if she has sandwiches she can open all her foods.
  • Being able to get dressed and undressed

These are the main things I’m focusing on at the moment . When we think about our children starring school we think about the academic things and tend to not think about the most important things like above. Children need to have the skills above concreted into place before they can even start to think about learning to read or write.

The things above will make her transition to school so much easier for her . I would hate the thought of her sitting in the dining room and not being able to open her snack and not having the confidence to ask for help.

School readiness

I think sometimes as parents we can expect too much of our children . I think we forget how old they actually are. Especially when it comes to what they should be doing academically. How many of you have thought that their nursery isn’t doing enough to get them ready for school because they haven’t taught them to write their name or they aren’t learning phonics ? I bet there are a few of you out there. Well I just want to say to you did you know that Ofsted has actually made a statement to say that nurseries shouldn’t be teaching children phonics and writing as this is what school is for. So just keep that in mind.

I know I forget how old Ava is . She is like my little pal , my right hand woman. I just want to make ensure that I give her the skills she needs to make those easily school days easier. I want her to be emotionally ready for school . As it’s a huge milestone in her life.

Do you think there are any skills I’m missing in the list above in regards to school readiness?

School readiness is more about making sure your child is emotionally ready for school . Here is a list of important things that you need to ensure your child can do . To make sure that their transition to school is easy for them. #schoolreadiness #school #startingschool #parents #earlyyears

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