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second child syndrome- is it real?!

Hello I’m Faye from Glossytots and I am here writing for the lovely Jess. Today I will be talking about my new found worry in life.

Is a second child supposed to put the fear factor into your life?

Erin is now 5. She is desperate for a brother and a sister (I don’t think I can go that far- especially as I have to have IVF). Matt and I would like to add to our little family, but this does bring elements of “fear of change” for me.

Currently Erin resides with her Dad 6 nights over a 2 week period- every other weekend and 3 nights 5.30pm-8am. That gives me a lot of me time. When she originally went it broke my heart, but as with all things you get used to it. Since I have learnt to use my time wisely.

On a weekend I don’t have Erin I deep clean the house. This then means that when I have Erin I just keep on top of the cleaning and don’t waste my precious time with her.

This is where the fear sets in. I will have to change my routine massively to fit in having more than one child and figure out when to do the cleaning. I think my ideal time would be when baby sleeps and Erin is at school. That all depends on if baby is a sleeper!!

That then brings me to the fear of my next child being a monkey. When Erin was born she was an amazing baby. From the first night she only woke 3 times a night and from 6 weeks she slept through in her own bed in her own room. What if my next one wakes every hour and screams the house down?! Everyone says your kids are never the same and unfortunately it’s not often you read about angelic kids that are perfect and sleep all night!!

Someone please tell me that they have had children and there kids have both been as amazing as each other?!


Thank you so much for guest posting for me Faye . I too have been going through the emotions you speak of. I will let you know in a few months what it’s like to be a mom of two ! Gosh that sounds scary !

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