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Shopping stress

Today me and my mom took Ava shopping as I needed a top as I am going to a wedding next week. Now Ava is bigger we converted her Silvercross into the pushchair as she loves to look around at what is happening around her and also I was getting a little worried about the amount of time she is spending in her car seat.( This was the start of my shopping stress).

We got to the shopping centre and for the first time ever there was a parent and child space free straight away ( this never happens and I end up driving around for ages waiting for someone to leave !! ).
I noticed today that shops are just not made for pushchairs I could hardly get to any of the clothes as they cram that much stuff in the Isles and they are just not big enough !! .
It also seemed that every shop we went into people just think it’s ok to pear there head right into Ava’s pushchair to have a look at her !! . I mean I don’t mind people looking but to get right up in her face is just rude I’m sure they wouldn’t like it .
The most annoying thing of all is people just stopping in you path to get their phone out and check it !. Why they couldn’t just wait or move out the walk way I will never know . I did a few times contemplate just carrying on walking and ‘ accidentally ‘ pushing the pushchair into them . This may sound a bit mean but when you have had this happen to you several times just walking down one part I think it is justified ! .
The other thing I have noticed on previous shopping trips is that they don’t offer you a bigger changing room when you have a pushchair and expect you to try and get changed in an allready small changing space with a pushchair !! . Normally resulting in me getting to hot and not bothering .
I find shopping now quite a horrible time cause of all the above things and also because no clothes seem to fit me !. There needs to be a shop that does clothes for people with mommy figures not these little crop tops or super fitted clothes . This is one of the hardest things I have come across since being a mommy nearly all my clothes no longer fit me and I cannot seem to find many clothes on the highstreet that flatter my new figure !! 😔.
Shopping stress not being able to get round the shops in her pushchair
Have you ever experienced Shopping stress ?


  • lianne crowe

    Hi jess! Just read this and I get it! My trick.. ditch new look, river island, topshop etc. I had almost all clothes from there and they just dont fit (they didnt fit well in the first place as im already curvy) and always ended up wearing something out moms wardbrobe.. so now i shop where mom shops.. usually george@asda, peacocks, next.. basically anywhere an 18year old wouldnt shop and its worked for me. Hope you are well, see u soon. Love always lianne.b. xxx

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