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Stepping out to baby classes

I remember when I was pregnant I had all good intentions that I was going to take Ava to all these amazing different classes to stimulate her . Well as I was house bound for the first 6 weeks because of having a C-section I think I lost some of my confidence with doing this .

Don’t get me wrong me and Ava don’t sit in the house all day and don’t see anyone , I have taken her places but only where i have arranged to meet people I know . I think it’s the thought of walking into a room and not knowing anyone and thinking are all these other parents judging me and am I doing it right !!! . I come across most the time as a confident person but inside I’m not that confident and takes me a while to be confident around people .

So this Thursday I’m taking the plunge and taking Ava to a baby yoga class !! I know she will love it and that’s what I keep telling myself , I’m sure the other parents are thinking exactly the same as me , thinking everyone is judging them. I have just got to do it I’m sure it will be easier the more go !


I will update you with how I get on !!.

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