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Doing little but often really takes the stress off

Having a baby really does turn you world upside down . Even if it isn’t your first child . They come into your life and before you know it you’re in the blur of baby days . The washing baskets are overflowing the kitchen needs a good clean and you cannot remember the last time you properly cleaned the bathroom .

Being quite a clean and tidy person those early days I found quite hard . As I had a c section I could see things that needed doing but I couldn’t do them. I’m not one to take help neither I like to do it all myself . Also no one really does it as good as you can . They always do something a little different.

The piles of ironing and general untidiness of the house was really starting to get it me . Plus we have our house on the market so I needed it to be clean just incase people wanted to come and view it . I was finding that I wouldn’t really do much to the house. Then we would get a viewing booked in and I would stress and flap around frantically. Cleaning the house from top to bottom. Having two kids made this hard work so I was having to do it once Ava was in bed and Alby was chilled out . This meant cleaning of an evening when I should be taking it easy . Ready for the broken nights sleep and the busyness of the next day .

So this week I though to myself things need to change. What I did first was write a list in my phone of all the things around the house that needed doing.

getting organised relieve stress

I didn’t give myself specific tasks to do each day . As I have done this before and it stressed me if I did do them on the specific day . The thing is I don’t know until the day what life is going to throw at me . For example this Wednesday we had a chilled morning . So I was able to do 2 loads of washing , the ironing , put 2 loads of washing away and I cleaned the kitchen . Well I know for a fact that this won’t happen every Wednesday and that’s fine as I know I will get it done at some point .

I have thought about writing me list of jobs out . As I’m a lover of crossing things off a list with a highlight. I’m sad I know . I just worry that if I put it up in clear view . That if I’m falling behind on things it might start to stress me out seeing the list all the time .

In preparation for moving I have started to rid the house of junk . So each week I’m going to organise one particular area /cupboard / draw in the house . This week I did the dreaded medicine cupboard . It’s one of those cupboards that just gets full of crap . But I did it and I feel so much better for it .

getting organised stress relief

I know my house is never going to be 100% tidy as I have two kids but I’m on the right track to keep on top of it .

What do you do to keep your home organised and tidy ?

keeping on top of thou house work when you have kids can be hard this is how i do it


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