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Student , worker, blogger, mom when do I get time for me 

I know many parents feel the same but I literally feel like I have no time for myself . My life is so full with other stuff that my me time is when I’m asleep . Don’t get me wrong I’m now enjoying sleep but I just wish someone could add a few more hours into my day.

I’m in my last year at uni and you may say one of the most intense years . I’m only two assignments away from finishing . Although this does include completing my dissertation. Which is fine I’m not doing too badly but the only time I get to do it is when Ava is asleep . Which most nights is after 7 but recently she has decided her bedtime is a lot latter then that . The problem with doing it so late at night is I just lose the will with my work very quickly and end up just closing the laptop or throwing my notepads.

Many people ask me what I’m going to do next with regards to studying . The answer is nothing I haven’t had a year off education since I started school . My life is just so busy and taking this away from it may ease it up a little. I’m sure that’s wishful thinking as I know I will fill that time pretty quickly with something else . Something that doesn’t involve doing anything for myself.

So I returned back to work in January working 3 days a week . I now want to say I take my hat off to anyone that works part-time . I didn’t realise how hard it is . In most cases you’re doing a full-time job in part-time hours . At the same time of proving yourself to your management. I thought going back to work was going to be something for me . Which it is but then I do take my work home with me like I have always done and find myself monitoring the companies Facebook pages in my own time . Or answering emails on my day off . I just can’t help myself someone please stop me.

Then there is my blog which at the moment has been pretty neglected. I’m sorry!, that’s if  anyone has noticed . The problem is I started my blog whilst on maternity leave and had a lot more time to spend on it . Now my time is so limited that my blog gets pushed down the list along with my poor neglected house . I think I need to realise that it doesn’t matter how many times I post or tweet . It’s the quality of them if I churn out something shit everyday no one will want to read it.

Lastly me time well this time is limited. Although next week I am having my hair cut and going to blog on . I’m winning  at life next week a whole day with no child and no work . I’m so excited even if I will miss Ava and will be texting Jordan a lot to see if she is ok.

How do you find the balance ? Or is having a balance a myth and it will never be found ? 


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